Americans with Disabilities Act & California Title 24 Access Consulting  
ADA Consulting
Meet the Thinking Person's Access Consultant.

Access Beyond Measure was started by a visionary man named Phil Kaplan. An expert on accessibility compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California Title 24 Disability Access Regulations, he has a sterling reputation and track record. Yet even more, he is an educator, an advocate, a voice.

His goal: to remove barriers – both physical and attitudinal – and elevate people’s awareness. This is not a mere sentiment, but an ironclad commitment. Further, as the ADA Compliance Officer with the City of Palm Springs since 1992, he has long been on the front lines of disabled access consulting. There is another key component: Phil Kaplan is a wheelchair user. He understands in a very personal way the inherent challenges of ensuring access. This informs his work and fuels his passion.

Above all, his mission is to provide equal access for everyone to enhance their quality of life. From architects and designers to developers and contractors, attorneys, municipalities and homeowners, many seek out the ADA compliance expertise of this professional. For good reason. Phil Kaplan is the thinking person’s access consultant.

Read on to learn more about Access Beyond Measure’s services. Find out how we can make a difference for you. We invite you to review our disclaimer.

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